Why Choose A Childminder?

helen childminder Why Choose a Childminder
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With it being Home based Childcare, Caring for small numbers of children means that the childminder get to really know the children and families they work with, allowing them to offer very individual support. Individual care, sometimes even one to one, where time can be spent interacting with your child, whether that be having a cuddle and singing nursery rhymes.
And if your child is feeling tired or under the weather, they can curl up and take it easy.
Children also benefit from consistent care from one person who knows their individual needs, personalities and their individual interests. Most childminders are parents themselves and understand more about a child’s developmental journey, through their own experiences and not just through text books and on the job training.
To meet the individual needs of your baby/child, adapting where possible to the routines of your child. Continuity of care, from just a few weeks right through to secondary school.

Most childminders cook all the food from scratch so meals will be homemade, healthy, wholesome, nutritious, freshly prepared daily with lots of variety offered. A wide variety of fresh fruit and drinking water is available throughout the day.

Being able to care for a mix of ages means that siblings of different ages can be cared for together, which is beneficial for them, and means just one drop-off and pick-up point for you.  You will have local childcare since your childminder tends to live near the families they work with, there is less traveling for all involved and childminders will pick up and collect children from school, pre-school or nursery.

Registered childminders have the freedom to give children a wide range of experiences both in and out of the house and within the local community: attending local playgroups and children's centres so children can mix with larger groups, making the most of a sunny or unexpectedly snowy day as a great opportunity for outdoor play and learning with trips to the park, local farms, Library and  other attractions, shopping, gardening,  Also, your children can enjoy real-life learning experiences like cooking, baking also lots of arts and crafts.
For younger children, childminders work within their early years curriculum to offer pre-schoolers a very action packed and stimulating day.

As part of the registration process to become a registered childminder, they have to have a enhanced Criminal records disclosure (the most stringent available); a health check; and had our home setting inspected to make sure it is safe for children.

Childminders are usually self-employed and so can set their own hours.

Financially Viable
If you are eligible for tax credits then you may be able to get help with your childcare costs if you're using a registered childminder.