Childrens Activities

Here are some of the Arts and Crafts items the kids have made for special occasions though out the year! For more about what we get up to during a normal week have a look at About My Week.

Christmas Gifts 


Father's Day 2017

Mother's Day 2017

a Yummy cupcake card for we made for Mothers Day


 Christmas 2016

Celebrating the run up to Christmas, with fun arts and crafts 

 Remembrance Day 2016
Lovely Wreath made by the older kids

Guy Fawkes 2016

 Halloween  2016

Halloween pictures the kids made. 

Scary Masks the older kids made for Halloween


 Easter 2015

Some fun Arts and Crafts for Easter 

Mothers Day 
Some of the gifts the children made for Mothers Day
this Year.
Chinese New Year
Some more fun arts and crafts, used to teach the
children about Chinese New Year. 



All the Fun Arts and Crafts the Children Made at Christmas time 

Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

More halloween decoration the kids made 

Halloween Fun, using the kids feet to make a ghost

Fathers Day 

Mothers Day 

Christmas 2013 

Some of the other gifts the kids made themselves 

Some of the other gifts the kids made themselves 

The Kids made a calendar with there own handprints for Christmas.

Diwali 2013

Diwali – Festival of Lights, We made a Flower Garland, Card and Rangoli Mat

Halloween - 31st October 2013

Helen Childminder
Halloween Decorations and Pictures the Children made.


Helen Childminder
Spooky Halloween Treats the kids decorated.

The Seasons Activities : Four Season Wheel  

World Space Week

Talk Like a Pirate Day on 19th September 2013

helen Childminder
The Children loved playing with there Masks and Swords,
I was made to walk the Plank a few times.
The kids had fun making a Sword from paper mache and colouring in a mask this week.

Summer and Autumn Trees 

Summer Hats for Blair Drummond Safari Park Trip 2013

Fathers Day

Helen Childminder
Fathers Day Gifts 2013

Easter Fun 

Mothers Day

Some gifts the Children made for Mothers Day 2013
Some more gifts for Mothers Day 2013

Valentine's day

  Some of the Fun things we did in 2012


Teaching the Kids, the leaves start to change colour and fall of the trees.

Another Picture, the kids made.

July 2012

The Children where making some Olympic Medals.

The Olympic Medals when finished.

June 2012

The Children made some Olympic Torches, getting ready for London 2012
The Kids made a Bookmark and coloured in and decorated some London 2012 material

The Kids spent a few days making there own guitar from Tissue paper and glue then adding effects to finish it off.
The Older Kids decorating some paster of paris molds

Some of the Younger Kids and Grown Up Kids Art & Crafts Activities for Christmas 2011

Some of the latest activities from Septemeber 2011  

Kids making jewellery

Kids doing a experiment, showing the importance of washing there hands.