About My Week

On a Wednesday, we go to the North Parish Church to attend the ABC Renfrew Childminders Group, which is a group of local childminders, who have come together since 1995. Over the last 20 years as childminders, we have involved the children and their families in many fundraising events, this year was a wellie waddle for the Brightest Star Charity. When we attend the group the children we look after get to play and socialise within a larger group, sing songs and do activities.
We take the Children to different and exciting places like Blair Drummond Safari Park and Heads of Ayr, ( some pictures here ) we also visit the Renfrew Care Home regularly and sign songs for the residents Newspaper Articles here.
At the ABC Renfrew Childminders Group the Children get to experience and celebrate different Holidays and events throughout the year which helps with their development and Understanding e.g. Mothers and Father’s day, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday etc.
Helen Childminder Soft Play
On a Thursday, I take the kids along to a local Soft Play center because it helps with there development. Soft play helps the children by gaining social skills, helps them learn new motor skills and develop spatial awareness in a fun and stimulating environment, it also helps develop physical activity and encourages the children to enjoy exercising, but as it's essentially play it feels fun and exciting for them which is why the kids love going every time. 

Summer Time

Helen Childminder Garden
Helen Childminder GardenWhen the sun comes out to play,  I like to take full advantage of it as it normally doesn't last for long in Scotland. The Kids love playing in the garden especially if they don't have one at home, it gives them a chance to run around and have fun and blow off some steam. When i have access to the Bouncy Castle the kids enjoy the endless fun on that. I have a great selection of toys for the children from a play house to bikes, which are always popular going round and round the square path in my garden.  
On the rare days in which the weather is really hot, I like to bring out a paddling pool, they love having there own little water park. bring out the paddling pool, whether or not the garden slide is on it own or it goes into the paddling pool its always a favourite with the children. 

Days Out 
Once or twice a month we head along to the Sensory Room at The Experience in Hillington, this provides the children with excellent environment for them to play and helps them develop their senses with the use of toys, lighting, music and aromas.