About My Service

Helen Childminder About My Service
  • I was awarded Grade 6 Excellent, which is the Top Level by the Scottish Care Commission on the 26th October 2010, 12th November 2014 and on the 8th November 2018. 
  • I offer a home from home environment where children benefit from a low adult-to-child ratio, which is comfortable and safe.
  • I live in Renfrew which is in Renfrewshire so i can meet your local childcare needs.
  • The low ratio of children to childminder allows more opportunity for developmental care and education, important for developmental experiences.
  • I am registered childminder with the Scottish Care Commission who inspects my home and garden regularly.
  • I have had a criminal and doctor's record check carried out.
  • I can provide care for a wide age-range and can usually offer placements for siblings of different ages, enabling families to be cared for together.
  • I can provide a 'wrap-around care' service - taking children to their nursery, school and collecting them.
  • I can be flexible, offering early starts and late finishes.
  • Often I have had children stay with me from babyhood throughout their school years.
  •  I have demonstrated high standards of care above and beyond that laid down by the statutory regulations and I am committed to on-going professional training, regularly attending various opportunities to update and extend my knowledge and skills.

  • The Children are encouraged to express themselves and to build confidence and self-esteem and therefore become more confident and thus maximize their own unique potential to improve their respect, self control, concentration, aptitude, attitude and discipline.

  • I operate an Equal Opportunities policy where all children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of ability, sex, race or religion. 
  • I have Toys for the Garden so when the weather is nice during spring and summer months the Children can enjoy time out the garden. Have a look at About My Week.
  • I attend the ABC Renfrew Childminders Group on a Wednesday Morning and i also go to soft play during the week with some of the other childminders, the children absolutely love it.