Hints and Tips

I have been asked over the Years for advice on choosing a Childminder and why it might be best for your child look here 

When Choosing a childminder, It can be a good idea to take your child with you to see how they interact with the childminder. If you visit when the other minded children are there, you could see if they appear settled, happy and busy. If your children are older ask their opinion and take their views into consideration when choosing your childcare.

Ask the Childminder Questions, it is part of their job to provide this information to you. Don't be afraid to ask everything you need to in order to come to the right decision. They also won't mind if you need to contact them after your visit to clarify certain points or if you want to visit them and their premises again.

You know your child best – trust your instincts and look for a childminder you feel will be suitable for your child.

Dr Penelope Leach, the NCMA president says:
"I believe that for babies and toddlers, childminding alone is probably the best kind of daycare we've yet dreamed up. It does potentially better for children, families and for society."

  • How long have you been working with children? 
  • How long do you intend to continue in childminding? 
  • Are you a registered childminder? 
  • Why do you enjoy being with children? 
  • Do you have any Childminding References?
  • What training have you done?
  • Do you have any qualifications?
  • Can I see the rooms you use for childminding?
  • Do you have any outside play space? (If there is no outside play space, ask how they will ensure your child gets the chance to play outside i.e. local parks).
  • Where will my child rest? 
  • Do you have any children of your own, if so how old are they?
  • What arrangements do you have for meals, snacks and drinks?
  • What will my child do during the day? 
  • Do you belong to a childminding group or network?
  • What do you consider unacceptable behaviour and how do you deal with this?
  • Will my child be with a regular group of children? How old are they? How will their timetable fit in with my child?
  • How will you make sure I know how my child is getting on?
  • What happens if my child is unwell?
  • Do you have a welcome pack/leaflet that tells me about your service?
  • Can I see your Registration Certificate for the Scottish Care Commission / SCSWIS Inspection Report / Public Liability Insurance Certificate? 
  • Do you ever take the children out in the car and, if so, do you have suitable insurance cover, seat belts and car seats for this?
  • What would you do in an emergency involving yourself or one of the children?