Awarded the Top Level - Grade 6 (Excellent) - By the Scottish Care Commission on 8th November 2018.

My Name is Helen, I'm a registered Childminder in Renfrew. I have been registered with the Scottish Care Commission for over 30 years as a person fit to look after children, as well as a registered Day Carer.

As a Childminder I work to create a Safe and Friendly environment for the children I look after. Everyone wants the best for their children and sometimes finding the right establishment that shares your views, entrusting your little ones wellbeing with people unfamiliar to you can be challenging, not only will it give you peace of mind but will mean you are giving your children the best start for learning.

My Policies and Childminding References for 2019 - 2020 are available. I have a wide range of toys and books reflecting different cultures, ages and stages of development. Have a look at Why Choose a Childminder and also my Activities Section of my website to see some of the recent things we have done together. 

A little About my Service - I work with Children to help them learn new skills through songs, games and role play. I operate an equal opportunities policy where all children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential regardless of ability, sex, race, religion. I promote positive behaviour and encourage children to share and socialise no matter where we are. 

I'm a founding member of the ABC Renfrew Childminders (Established in 1995) for more information on what we do, check out our Press Releases and About My Week

I do accept Tax Credits and Childcare Vouchers.